Why use us

10 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us at Nottingham Paradise Pet Sitters

1. The BBC in nottingham chose Paradise Pet Sitters for
‘A day in the life of a pet sitter’ for their show. They said they chose us because we are one of the most reputable pet sitters they found.

2. I have worked for the RSPCA in Nottingham for 7 years and have built up a massive amount of experience in animal care.

3.The Daily Mirror wrote a full page article on us and Said some really nice things

4. In my time working with animals I have been trained in the following: NVQ 1+2 in animal care, Dog behaviour,
Animal first aid, Animal micro chipping, Horse handling and management 1, RSPCA standard procedures.

5. All of us at paradise pet sitters are nuts about
animals and put 10000001% into every job we do.

6. Radio Trent and thomson holidays had a few nice things to say about us

7. Some of the websites on the internet that list us are
google, msn, ask jeeves, yell.com, Thomson,pets at home,Thomsons holiday
Gum tree, touch Nottingham, Nottingham yellow pages,
Dog club, Excite uk,yell.com,Thomsons holiday and many more.

8. Miss Godfree from Bingham didn’t go on holiday for 5 years
because of her beloved cats and dog. She now goes away twice a year.

9. Please take a look at our pictures page to see a few
of our customers pets we have looked after recently.