Pet Sitting sitters

Pet Sitters in nottingham.

Worried about putting your pets in boarding kennels or cattery’s in Nottingham? Are they too old, too scared or frightened of a new environment?
We look after your pets in the safety of your own home while your away.
There is no limit to the amount of pets we will look after, so don’t worry if you have a large number of animals.All diets, medications and general preferences catered for! So if your animal likes to have the radio on or enjoys playing with a certain toy, we will do so.

Worried that your pet is on medication? I have had years of experience of giving medication to animals big and small at the RSPCA, so your pet will be in safe hands.

Just had babies or pregnant? I have hand reared babies and assisted many births, so don’t worry.  

We will spend a minimum of 45 minutes with your pet, they will be fed, watered, cleaned out, groomed and bathed (if need be), played with, talked to, walked (if a dog) and given hugs and love.

Fresh food and water given daily
Cleaning up accidents
Cleaning feed areas, cages, litter trays and food bowls
Cuddles and play
Home security check
Bringing in the post
Watering indoor plants
Switching lights on/off, opening/closing curtains and blinds
Taking out rubbish
Grooming and bathing
Nail clipping
Administrating medications